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We proudly emphasize that we exclusively supply Italian-made espresso machines. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship leads us to select only the finest coffee machines that are meticulously manufactured in Italy, renowned worldwide for their excellence in the art of coffee-making.


At Wega, the fruits of work, expertise and constant research reach perfect maturity, offering coffee its optimal destination: a range of electronic, semi-automatic and manual machines capable of enclosing the most authentic essence of Italian espresso.


XLVI believe in the quality of every individual and in team work. We have been working with products to process coffee, a drink that has become an authentic philosophy and the subject of research and improvement over the years.


Rigorously made in Italy and the components used are the result of continuous research and selection of the best that the European scene can offer.


For more than half a century, Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines. Year after year, Gaggia created beautiful, timeless products inspired by fashion, design and culture of the day, as well as the Italian passion for “La Dolce Vita”

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