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We're stoked to be the official distributor for some seriously cool brands in the imported beans, soda machine, gelato machine, syrups, and more game. We're talking about top-notch coffee beans from around the world, soda machines for you mixologist, gelato machines for those sweet cravings, and a whole rainbow of syrups to jazz up your drinks and desserts.


For centuries the name Molinari has been linked with Italian Espresso Coffee. Discover the taste of a wonderful Italian story, rich in flavour and satisfaction. Caffe Molinari Coffee is perfect for your Café, Restaurant or Hotel. With a range of products and machinery to suit every taste.


Animo offers premium-quality coffee equipment, vending and bulk brewers that are user-friendly, durable and convenient to maintain. Our machines deliver a wide range of fresh, hot beverages time after time.


Telme is a real manufacturer, not only an assembler. The different production phases are characterized by technology, important investments in production equipment as well as by a know-how resulting from a long manufacturing experience, focused on the reliability of the products.


The Soda Xpress Pinnacle allows controlled carbonation of all beverages and easy cleaning. Sparkle up with “any and all liquids” from fruit juice to wine to coffee.

Soda Xpress PINNACLE comes with removeable nozzle for easier washing and leave no residue after carbonating drinks with flavors. Recommended for those who wants to carbonate absolutely ANY drinks they love


At Tea Drop, we search the world for the best, most flavoursome and interesting ingredients to create the ultimate experience for tea.