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The modern design and the high quality of components makes Teknica the most requested by customers looking for value for money. Thanks to the robustness and reliability of Teknica, even with intensive use, the excellence of coffee brewing is guarantee.

Dispensing with coffee and hot water doses programming
Stainless steel and painted steel body
Steam / water wands in stainless steel
Pre-infusion coffee system Brewing groups heated by the thermosiphonic system
Copper boiler (Cu 99.5) with anti-oxidant treatment and internal heating exchanger
Automatic cleaning cycle of chromed brass dispensing group
Safety valve
Automatic boiler refilling
Adjustable drip tray on two different levels both for tall cups and traditional espresso cups

ACM Teknica Feature & Specification:
- 13.5L Copper Boiler
- Pre-infusion
- Automatic Cleaning Cycle
- Dual Steam Wands
- Hot Water Tap
- High Cup Group Heads
- Adjustable Drip Tray
- 3000 Watts / 10 Amp Single Phase Power
- Dimensions:70cm W x 54cm D x 51cm H

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