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Introducing the KD-310GB, a compact espresso machine with integrated grinder: Grind & Brew with Unmatched Convenience.

Integrated Grinder: Maximize space with the built-in conical burr grinder, offering a wide grinding range for Espresso to French Press. Enjoy easy adjustments and clump-free coffee grinds with the tactile switch and anti-static design.

Fast Pre-Heating System: Two advanced PID thermoblocks ensure swift, continuous, and stable heating, providing precise temperature control for consistent brewing, resulting in perfect espresso extraction every time. The separate supersteam thermoblock allows simultaneous extraction and milk frothing.

Dual Pumps: Experience constant water pressure stability with the heavy-duty 15-bar coffee pump and individual 4-bar steam pump. This enables simultaneous coffee extraction and the use of the steam wand.

Tailored Pre-Infusion: Personalize your coffee experience with 1 to 10 seconds of pre-infusion, extracting the full flavor potential from your coffee beans.

Temperature Adjustment: Fine-tune the coffee temperature to match your taste preferences.

Independent Steam Thermoblock: Our supersteam thermoblock guarantees stable steam temperature with low humidity, creating consistently silky and frothy foam for your lattes and cappuccinos. Choose from 5 different steam flow settings to customize your frothing preferences.

Feature & Specification WPM KD-310GB:
- Appearance: Stainless steel body
- Heating system: 2 PID thermoblocks, supersteam thermoblock
- Program: 1-cup / 2-cup volume or manual control
- Pump: Double 15-bar coffee pump; 4-bar steam pump
- Steam wand: 360⁰ movement, 2 nozzle hole
- Group head: 58mm Stainless Steel Group Head
- Temperature setting: 88-96⁰C
- Display: Pressure gauge + Milk temperature gauge
- Water tank capacity: 3.0L (water level warning; compatible with water filter)
- Accessories: Portafilter with 1-cup and 2-cup baskets; cleaning filter and needle, coffee tamper
- Dimensions (mm): 360 (L) * 490 (W) * 490 (H)
- Power: 2400W
- Net weight: 22kg

Bonus & Warranty
- Free barista tools
- Free menu creation & consultation
- Free video promo
- Free barista training!
- 1 year warranty & service
- Buyback/ trade in option

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