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The ZD-17OD coffee grinder is perfect for cafes or home baristas who want to enjoy the convenience of freshly grounded coffee.
Premium 38mm conical burr: Redesigned to ensure swift and precise grinding, while the belt-driven burr system with dual bearings minimises disc movement and heat transfer, preserving the rich aroma of your coffee powder.
On-demand grinding: Tailor your grind for 1-cup, 2-cup, or manual settings effortlessly. Simply rest your portafilter against the holder, and the grinding process initiates automatically, stopping once the desired time is reached.
Easy calibrating system: Seamlessly select your desired grinding size without the need to remove the hopper, making adjustments quick and hassle-free.
User-friendly touch-control panel: Program your preferred dosing options with ease, enhancing your grinding experience.
Mess-free convenience: Grind directly into your portafilter using the illuminated cradle assist, ensuring a clean process, complemented by the anti-static funnel to prevent clump formation.

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