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Introducing the ZD18S, our revolutionary grinder engineered to deliver an even faster and consistently precise grind, elevating your espresso experience to new heights.

Premium 64mm stainless steel flat burr: Ensures rapid and uniform grinding, perfect for achieving the ideal coffee consistency every time.
Versatile pre-programmed settings: Choose between 1-cup, 2-cup, or manual timing options, catering to your specific brewing needs.
Quick-start functionality: Effortlessly start and stop grinding by resting the portafilter against the holder, allowing you to achieve your desired dosage with ease.
Intuitive tact grinding switch: Streamlined and easy-to-use to pick your desired grind size.
Mess-free convenience: Grind directly into your portafilter with the adjustable grind outlet and portafilter holder, offering maximum practicality for a mess-free experience, complemented by the anti-static funnel for a lump-free grind.

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