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Designed for those working with large volumes Precise, easy to handle, intuitive to use and always reliable, even with intensive use.

Features & Specification XLVI Steam Hammer:
- 3500 W
- 14 L Boiler
- P.I.D. (proportional-Integral-derivative) heating system.
- LCD display.
- Wifi for setting and checking the machine vie smartphone.
- Automatic switch off.
- Energy saving mode.
- Notifications about required coffee machine’s maintenance.
- Automatic cleaning program.
- Filtered coffee module.
- Front and back LED illumination.
- “Mug Bowl” reversible grid system, which facilitates the management of different size cups.

Bonus & Warranty
- Free barista tools
- Free menu creation & consultation
- Free video promo
- Free barista training!
- 1 year warranty & service
- Buyback/ trade in option

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